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What our residents say

Once you walk in and see the quality of the apartments and what you get, I think it's a no brainer.

The Residences

What I like about living here is that you come back to a building where there is lots of life, lots of people and everybody is friends. We hang out in the roof terrace, in the tea-room, in the gym, so it’s more than just having an apartment or a home.

The Residences

To be honest, I can not see myself living anywhere else in Manchester.

The Residences

What we like the most about living here is the community atmosphere, everyone is really friendly, and there are lots of families here which is particulary relevant for us because we´ve got two small children.

The Residences

I have lived in some of the best developments in Manchester but nothing comes close to the West Tower.

The Residences

West Tower, first Impressions were it was like living in a hotel.

The Residences

The facilities that West Tower provides makes you feel like home. The staff’s friendliness is one of the most amazing things. Love it!

The Residences

I had a good feeling about the Tower when we came to view, but it’s even better than I expected. Staff are friendly, everything is high quality, views are spectacular.

Tay J
The Residences

It’s so difficult to find pet friendly accommodation in Manchester so I’m glad this is available. Great team, lovely and cracking location.

The Residences

Everyone has been so kind and helpful with anything we have needed so far and we would highly recommend living here if you want a 5* experience!

The Residences

The overall experience at West Tower is breath-taking. It has been built and furnished to the highest standards.

The Residences


We are taking reservations* for The Residences. Please get in touch to find out more.

* Please note that we are now taking reservations for September and do not have any immediate apartment availability.

I am looking for: (Note: 1 Beds are fully let)

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